Encrypted Video


Video traffic in recent years has become a significant part of all Internet traffic. According to Cisco Systems, it has continually increased to a rate of 80% of all network traffic.


The problem:

Recently, due to the processes of giant companies like Google that convert network traffic from its exposed configuration to an encrypted configuration (for example, the use of https), there is a demand for new tools that can identify video traffic and extract additional information from them.


The solution:

Accordingly, in this project we will try to distill the video traffic from the Internet traffic, to identify what movie is currently being viewed and determine if the movie quality changes over time.


Research goals:

A learning system that will enable enrichment of information on Internet traffic.


The research team:

Dr. Ofir Pele – Chief Researcher

Dr. Amit Dvir – Chief Researcher

Prof. Ofer Hadar – Chief Researcher (Ben-Gurion University)

Mr. Ran Dubin – Post-doctorate student (Ben-Gurion University)

Chai Eiloz – Undergraduate student

Nadav Vaknin – Undergraduate student