Prof. Boaz Ben Moshe

Department: Computer Sciences


Position: Head of Master’s Degree Program, Head of the Kinematics and Computational Geometry Laboratory (together with Nir Shvalb).


Boaz Ben-Moshe is a staff member of the Computer Sciences Department at Ariel University. He completed his doctoral studies in 2004 at Ben-Gurion University, under the guidance of Prof. Matya Katz. In 2004–2005 he served as a post-doctoral student at SFU University (Vancouver, Canada). At the end of 2005, he joined Ariel University. In 2008, together with Dr. Nir Shvalb, he established the K&CG Research Laboratory, which deals with a variety of research areas connected to geometry, mapping, movement planning and geometric optimization. In 2014 he established the research laboratory for nano-satellites ( ), which deals with a variety of areas connected to small satellites.