In recent years, new cyber challenges have continued to emerge in Israel and around the world. Ariel University's goal is to be a leader in cyber studies and training, with an emphasis on increasing the volume of personnel in the cyber security profession. This is accomplished through a dedicated curriculum and establishment of the Ariel Cyber Innovation Center.


As part of our unique program, students learn in an interdisciplinary framework. They are exposed to the latest developments in wireless security and mobile networks, cryptology, advanced topics of cyberspace, pattern recognition and cyber case studies.

Cyber Specialization in the Computer Science


Israel is an innovation leader at the forefront of the global hi-tech industry.


Merging start up nation values with research and high academic standards, a unique, integrated cyber curriculum was developed.


This program was designed in cooperation with veterans of the defense establishment, for outstanding students. It also includes a unique track for reservists at Ariel University.


The focus of the program is on cyber warfare, including:


- Cyber defense/attack

- Cryptology

- Advanced topics in cybersecuity

- Introduction to DarkNet.


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This course focuses on the cyber world and its economic implications, with an emphasis on civilian
infrastructures – from local and international perspectives. In the course, students discuss the processes that resulted in an era of organizations and individuals collecting and consuming information.


The course reviews how computers compute and process information as well as why the ability to produce this information is valuable to its owners. The course discusses types of cyber threats that affect organizations and countries and the methods and processes of defense required to deal with them. Other subjects include the implications of computer technologies for managing modern organizations and economics, especially in the context of the Internet age.


In addition, we review the range of technologies available on the Internet consumed and marketed by individuals and organizations. We unpack the implications of the use of these technologies (such as social networks) and the ability of the organization and / or user to derive value from these technologies as well as defend themselves against the threats they pose to privacy. Discussion covers risk management and business intelligence in the cyber age. The course is accompanied by demonstration of tools and scenarios to illustrate existing organizational realities in which economic, human, and technological resources are deployed to deal with complex cyber challenges of the 21st century.

Case study

The course focuses on cyber knowledge in general and cyber economics in particular. The course highlights the characteristics related to the management, operation, and implementation of information security policies in organizations. In addition, methods and tools for protection of organizational assets and management of cyber crises are assessed.

Cyber Economics course - MBA